Health Promotion Program

The Health Promotion program collaborates with all Wurli program areas to plan, implement and evaluate high quality and culturally relevant activities and campaigns in various settings including the clinics, schools, and the community to maximise positive health outcomes.

The following are priorities needing to be addressed by the Health Promotion program:

  • Anaemia in children and women
  • Child and adolescent health
  • Diabetes prevention across the lifespan
  • Healthy lifestyle for prevention of chronic disease
  • Improved social and emotional wellbeing

Our health promotion program is funded by the Australian Government through the Commonwealth Department of Health

What to see us for

The Health Promotion team is the best program to contact for help with any of the following (and more):

  • National awareness campaign activities and events
  • Health promotion information and activities at public venues
  • Health promotion linkage with other Wurli programs, for example clinical programs
  • Partnerships with sporting codes and other community organisations
  • School visits and information sessions
  • Preventative health programs and linkages within the Katherine Region

We have many great, culturally appropriate resources to help support health promotion messages.

How to see us

Come and see us at the Main Clinic, 25 Third Street

How to contact us

Contact the Health promotion team on 8972 9100/18009870547 or email and attention to the Health Promotion Coordinator