Connecting Pathways Program

Wurli’s Connecting Pathways Program (CPP) aims to provide holistic support to our families at risk of experiencing family violence. The Program empowers families holistically to take control of their own well-being to improve their family and life outcomes.
Through the delivery of therapeutic services for women, men, and the entire family unit, CPP works towards reducing family violence through empowering our people.

Our Connecting Pathways Program is funded by the Commonwealth Government, National Indigenous Australians Agency – Safety and Wellbeing Program.

What to see us for

You can come and see the CPP team for:

  • Seeking a dedicated safe space for women to participate in activities aimed at taking ownership of your life and helping improve capacity to tackle home issues.
  • Participating in scheduled group activities for women and children.
  • Joining behaviour change programs and activities for men.
  • Either group or one-on-one counselling
  • Case management services for the entire family

How to contact us

Ring 08 8972 9180 to speak to a member of the Connecting Pathways team.

Walk-in and ask to speak to a Connecting Pathways Team staff member at our office at 9 Second Street, Katherine.