Wurli-Wurlinjang Family Partnership Program

This program delivers in-home outreach services that aims to improve pregnancy outcomes by helping women engage in good preventative health practices, support mothers to improve their child’s health and development and help mothers to develop a vision for their own future.

To achieve this, structured and sustained home visits to women pregnant with an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander child.

Their team is staffed by an RN Supervisor, 3 Family Home Visitors (RNs), 2 Community Family Partnership Workers and 1 Admin Support Officer.

How the program is delivered

  • Long-term engagement: prenatal to 24-months postpartum structured home visits
  • Visit-by-visit guidelines
  • Well-specified and clearly detailed curriculum for the visits
  • Monitoring and strong quality improvement focus
  • Intensive core curriculum training of all staff
  • Ongoing reflective practice and professional development
  • Relationship-based between mothers, their babies and the WWFPP staff members
  • Works alongside regular care provided by other primary health services
  • Structured and developmentally targeted content
  • Strong evaluation component
  • Mothers can access their antenatal check-ups through Wurli’s Women’s Health Program at 21 Third Street.

Wurli-Wurlinjang Family Partnership Program is funded by the Australian Government.

What to see us for

Come see us or call us if you are an expectant mother and would like to know what support services this program can provide to you. This program is not compulsory. Don’t hesitate to contact the friendly staff who can provide you with more information.

How to contact us

Phone 8972 9302 to speak to a WWFPP staff member

How to see us

Come see one of the WWFPP staff members at 25 Third Street (at the back demountables).

Call the receptionist on 8972 9302 or call the Main Clinic on 89729100/1800 987 547 and ask to be transferred to the WWFP Program.

Transport services can be arranged when needed