StrongBala Justice Program

The StrongBala Justice Program aims to give Indigenous men regular access to culturally appropriate holistic health, justice and alcohol and other drugs (AOD) services as well as providing educational sessions through a Personal Development Program (PDP). Referrals to internal and external health providers and other agencies are provided as required.

Our StrongBala Justice Support Project is funded through the DPMC IAS Safety and Wellbeing Program.

What to see us for

The StrongBala Justice Program offers a range of services to men. The team provides the following for those referred into the program:

  • Personal Development Program (PDP) and education;
  • Assistance and support with men’s issues;
  • Assistance and support with family issues;
  • Nutrition advice and a cooking program;
  • Breakfast and clothes washing facilities; and;
  • Referrals to other services, such as wellbeing, health and AOD services.

How to see us

You can come to the Community Services complex at 9 Second Street and ask to see a StrongBala Justice staff member.

You can phone 08 8972 9180 and ask to be picked up. We will drop you back home when finished

How to contact us

Ring 08 8972 9180 to speak to a StrongBala Justice staff member or to arrange transport