Program Coordinator (WWFPP)

Program Coordinator (WWFPP)

The Wurli-Wurlinjang Family Partnership Program (WWFPP) is a collaboration between the Australian Nurse Family Partnership Program (ANFPP) National Program Centre and the Commonwealth Department of Health and us, Wurli (the implementing organisation). ANFPP is an evidence-based home visiting program with a focus on early intervention and prevention of physical and emotional risk and issues for women pregnant with an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander baby. The program is voluntary for all eligible women and involves home visits during pregnancy until the child’s second birthday.

The WWFPP Program Coordinator is responsible for the planning, implementation, establishment, delivery, monitoring review and reporting of the Australian Nurse-Family Partnership Program for Wurli. This position will be accountable for ensuring that the essential elements of the ANFPP are followed and the fidelity of the program is maintained. The position will work with the WWFPP team to provide culturally appropriate services are designed and delivered in accordance with the ANFPP program model and program agreement and will be responsible for management of the WWFPP service team in accordance with policies, procedures, standards, contracts and legislation.

Wurli is looking for a suitable motivated individual who can demonstrate:- 

  • Batchelor / Maters of Nursing
  • Registered Nurse (AHPRA registered)
  • Previous experience in supervisory/leadership positions
  • Previous experience with the ANFPP program / model and more than five years’ experience Clinical Nursing Practice

For more information regarding the position specifics please review the Position Profile _ (Position Profile _Program Coordinator (WWFPP))

Applications can be submitted online or to .  Please ensure your application includes:-

  • A current resume or curriculum vitae (cv)
  • a cover letter / email which provides a clear and concise overview of your ability to meet the key requirements of the role (prerequisites, qualifications / experience and competencies)
  • Current National Police Certificate (no less than 3 months from issue date)
  • Current Northern Territory Driver’s Licence
  • Current Working with Children’s Clearance (Ochre Card)
  • COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate that show your 3rd (Booster) vaccine

If you have any queries regarding this position please contact a member of the Human Resource team on 8972 9195.