Wellbeing, SEWB and Mental Health Services

Our Wellbeing services start from a position of cultural sensitivity and respect to deliver individualised, holistic intervention, treatment and management services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People of the Katherine Region.

The unit also delivers community engagement and development activities that promote living socially and emotionally healthy lifestyle.

What to see us for

The welcoming Wellbeing team are here to assist you or your child if you need support. They offer the following:

  • Services for all ages;
  • Mental Health and counselling services and appointments;
  • Psychological services and appointments;
  • Social and emotional wellbeing services and appointments;
  • Referrals to specialists when required;
  • Community education and information sessions; and;
  • Assistance with resolving issues and advocacy support.


Our Wellbeing Unit  is funded by the Australian Government and the Northern Territory PHN.


Where you can find us

How to contact us

Ring 08 8972 9180 to speak to a Wellbeing staff member, arrange an appointment or arrange transport

How to see us

You can phone and ask to talk to one of our specially trained staff, including to request a home visit.

Come to the reception area at 9 Second Street  and ask to see someone from the Wellbeing team. You can also talk to staff at the main clinic with any social and emotional health matters which can be referred to our team.

We have comfortable and private consult rooms where you can come and talk.

All appointments and meetings are kept confidential. Our team will help you remember when your next appointment is by sending out reminder letters and messages.

Nana and baby, Rockhole
Margie Schubert Mental Health Open Day