Katherine Individual Support Program

Katherine Individual Support Program (KISP)

The Katherine Individual Support Program (KISP) is the overarching collaborative case management approach with other key Katherine agencies, in particular Katherine Hospital and Kalano Community Association, to address the needs of people who struggle to achieve quality of life outcomes due to the impact of chronic ill health, addiction, social and emotional, and homelessness.

It has been shown that people who attend the Katherine Hospital Emergency Department frequently have as a group very high rates of homelessness, poor health and alcohol addiction. It is also recognised that due to the enormous social and environmental challenges that these people face, accessing primary care in a holistic way is almost impossible. The KISP collaboration aims at helping vulnerable people who attend the local Emergency Department to get back on their feet again in a supported and carefully tailored case management program.

The Wurli-Wurlinjang Wellbeing Unit’s contribution to KISP will provide a holistic approach to addressing the needs of individuals presenting to the Katherine Hospital, who present on multiple occasions with comorbid complexities. The Wellbeing KISP team will work in partnership with clients, and the homeless community to provide a culturally appropriate and comprehensive service that is strongly influenced by the Social and Emotional Wellbeing Framework and a recovery focused model of care.

Wurli KISP has rigid governance frameworks in place that comprises of a Collaborative Case Management team which involves all the key stakeholders meeting routinely to case manage client’s needs, the Reference group oversees the operations issues that arise and addresses those challenges highlighted at any point in time, the KISP Consortium Group manages the strategic framework, financial accountability and governance framework associated with the program.

The KISP aims and objectives is to dramatically reduce the recurrent presentations to the KDH, to improve the health outcomes of those clients identified and accessing support services and to build strong collaborative key-stakeholder frameworks to enable this model of care continues well into the future.


How to contact us

Ring 08 8972 9180 to speak to a member of the KISP team.

You can also come into any of our clinics and ask to see a Registered Aboriginal Health Worker or Doctor.

You can phone 08 8972 9100 and ask to be picked up.


The Katherine Individual Support Program is funded by the Northern Territory Government. Katherine Regional Aboriginal Health and Related Services (KRAHRS) auspices funds.

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