Client Support

Client Support

Reception services

Wurli has a support team especially there to help clients feel comfortable and get easy access to services.

All our reception staff are locals and therefore are able to use local knowledge, language and cultural expertise to help encourage clients to get to targeted services at different clinics or work units as appropriate.

They make the patient experience run as smoothly as possible.

We are now responsible for all visiting specialists and carry out all the admin support to make these clinics run as smoothly as possible.

We also help our clients with patient travel arrangements

Transport/Community Liaison Officers

Our Transport/Community Liaison Officers help with the delivery of appointment and reminder letters, finding clients, pick up and drop off services.

Wurli recently purchased a new bus with a slide out step to make it easier for clients to step up and get off the bus with ease.

They also provide outreach services that help with greater communication between the service and the local community members who are clients, including interpretation and breakdown of information from clinicians to clients and vice versa’.

You will see our Transport/Community Liaison Officers out in the communities and if you need any help with appointments or hospital visits please pull them over and ask for their help.