Our Communities

Our Communities

There are three key Aboriginal groups of the Katherine area. These are the Dagoman, Jawoyn, Wardaman people

These groups lived a semi-nomadic lifestyle and intermarried with other clans in line with cultural laws. Katherine was an important meeting place for all the Aboriginal people in the region for thousands of years and still today, evidence of this can be seen on all the traditional rock art at Nitmiluk National Park (Katherine Gorge).

Today, the Aboriginal people in the Katherine region live in communities located in and around the town of Katherine. The largest of these are Myalli Brumby (also known as Kalano), which is along the north side of the Katherine River. Rockhole which is 15 kilometres from the town of Katherine and Binjari, located 18 kilometres to the south-west of Katherine. We also service the smaller communities of Jodetluk (also known as Gorge camp) located closer to Nitmiluk National Park and Geyulkgan Ngurro (also known as Walpiri camp) located close to the CBD of Katherine.

Many Aboriginal people also live in the township of Katherine.