Our Clients

Our Clients

We deliver health care services to approximately 5000 current clients that are mostly Aboriginal residents of Katherine area communities and deliver almost 36,000 episodes of care annually. An additional 2000 Aboriginal people who live in over 25 remote Katherine-region communities—representing more than 15 Indigenous language groups—are counted as transient clients and have been seen in the past 2 years.

Who can access Wurli Services?

Wurli-Wurlinjang Health Service’s aim is to relieve poverty, sickness, destitution, distress, suffering, misfortune and helplessness of the Aboriginal people of the Katherine Region, particularly in Member Communities.

In line with this aim and due to limited resources, no new clients will be accepted at Wurli Wurlinjang Health Service unless they meet the Client Eligibility Criteria.

You are an eligible client of Wurli if:

1. You meet any ONE of the following criteria:

  • You are of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander descent;
  • You are the legal guardian of an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander child including women who are pregnant with an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander child;
  • You are currently employed by Wurli; OR
  • You are the child or current spouse/partner of an existing client.

AND you

2. Permanently live in Katherine or within a 40 kilometre radius of Katherine.

What does this mean for existing clients that do not meet the eligibility criteria?

If you do not meet the client eligibility criteria explained above but HAVE visited Wurli in the last 24 months, you can continue to access Wurli’s Services as normal. However, if you do not visit for 24 months, Wurli reserves the right to refuse you service again.

Proof of Aboriginality

Wurli reserves the right to request proof of Aboriginality of individuals before granting access to Wurli services as required. Please enquire at reception if you need assistance with proving your Aboriginality.

This eligibility criteria is effective as at 22nd November 2018.