Our Board

Our Board

Wurli-Wurlinjang Health Service Board of Directors

As an Aboriginal community controlled organisation, we are governed by a Board of Directors elected by our members who live in Katherine and the surrounding community living areas we service.

The Board of Directors has representatives from:

  • Myalli Brumby (4 positions)
  • Rockhole (4 positions)
  • Katherine town (4 positions)
  • Geyulkgan Ngurro (1 position)
  • Jodetluk (1 position)
  • Binjari (2 positions)

This ensures each community has a voice in the management and operation of the service.

Board members take their governance responsibilities seriously. They understand their communities and the issues which are of concern to residents, and undertake training. The Board of Directors make all policy decisions and prioritise the organisation’s focus and activities, while receiving advice and information from, and giving direction to, the Executive Management team.

Lisa_BW image

Lisa Mumbin (Chairperson)

Mialli Brumby
Juanita_BW image

Juanita Heparia

Mialli Brumby
Noel_BW image

Noel McDonald

Mialli Brumby
Gary_BW image

Gary Manbulloo Snr

Mialli Brumby
Pauline_BW image

Pauline Marapunya

Melissa_BW image

Melissa Rogers

Natasha_BW image

Natasha Bronghur

Jason_BW image

Jason Brown

May_BW image

May Rosas

Katherine Township
Ruby_BW image

Ruby Stanley

Katherine Township
Marie_BW image 2

Marie Dowling

Katherine Township
Francis_BW image

Francis Hayes

Katherine Township
Frank_BW image 2

Frank Douglas

Geyulkgan Ngurro
Maylene_BW image

Maylene Frederick

Thomas_BW image

Thomas Frith

Sylvia_BW image

Sylvia Maroney