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25 Third St

PO Box 896
Katherine NT 0851

Phone: (08) 8972 9100

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AGPAL / ISO accredited

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Well Being Unit

We provide an holistic and culturally appropriate counselling, therapeutic treatment and support service that strengthens the social and emotional well being of Aboriginal people. We recognise the importance of connection to land, culture, spirituality, ancestry, family and community, and how these affect our clients.

We provide counselling and support to assist Indigenous people to deal with unresolved grief and loss, domestic violence, removal from family, substance misuse, family breakdown, cultural dislocation, racism and discrimination, social disadvantage, sexual abuse, trauma and abuse, depression, poverty, drug and alcohol abuse, and intergenerational consequences of removal policies.

Our Counsellors and staff

The Well Being Unit is staffed by four qualified Counsellors. Our Counsellors encourage and support individuals, families and communities to talk about their problems and issues.
Unit staff work closely with other services and organisations to ensure clients receive the most appropriate care and treatment.

Our Counsellors listen and provide relevant information. They support and encourage individuals to look at ways to deal with problems. Our Counsellors can support you to set goals to deal with your problems and how to be strong and make good choices.

What is counselling?

Counselling is talking to someone when you have a problem in your life that you need help with. Our Counsellors listen and understand what you are saying.

Sometimes our thoughts are all muddled up and confused, and talking to someone can help.
Our Counsellors don’t tell you what to do or make decisions for you. They provide education, support and practical advice to you about your problem.

Counselling is private talk between a Counsellor and you. Counselling is free to all individuals and families.

Our programs

  • one-to-one confidential counselling
  • family and small group therapy and education sessions
  • mental health promotion and education
  • a Mental Health Program, including support by Wurli Counsellors and access to a Psychologist where required.

How we do it

  • ensure client confidentiality
  • undertake client assessment
  • discussion with client to determine the most appropriate service
  • provide referral to other related or professional services as requested
  • promote public awareness of Wurli-Wurlinjang’s services
  • support the Katherine Regional Bringing Them Home / Stolen Generation program
  • educational and mutual support groups are conducted regularly
  • staff are active participants in regional committees and public forums, contributing to discussions pertaining to social issues such as excessive alcohol consumption and domestic violence, and highlighting the need for increased specialist referral and support services within the region.

Where do we do it

  • Well Being Unit at 9 Third Street in Katherine
  • home visits
  • at the StrongBala Male Health facility
  • at other arranged appropriate places.

Transport services are available to collect clients as necessary.