Clinical Services

Wurli provides clinical services from 2 different locations in Katherine:
Main Clinic at 25 Third Street
Gudbinji Chronic Disease Clinic at 6 Kintore Street

Acute Care and General Care

Acute and general care is provided at our Main Clinic at 25 Third Street. 

This is our biggest clinic and usually the first point of contact for new clients.

We promote preventative services, and especially encourage clients to come in for regular adult and child health checks.

As well as health checks the main clinic provides acute and general care for people who are sick and have injuries, and we also provide health advice and education.

Anyone can come into the main clinic with any health condition, but staff may put you in touch with one of the other clinics or services offered by Wurli if they are more suited to you needs, eg the child health team for childhood immunisations.

The Main Clinic is AGPAL accredited.

Women’s and Children’s Health Care

Women’s and children’s health care is provided at their new location at 21 Third Street.

The aim of the Women’s and Children’s Health Unit is to see healthy women having healthy pregnancies; and healthy babies and children who grow to be healthy adults.

Client Support Services

We have Community Liaison Officers who can help with language and communication needs between clients and health practitioners.

We have dedicated Transport/Community Liaison Officers who can help with both language and communication needs between clients and health practitioners. They can also help you get to and from the Main Clinic, Women’s and Children’s Health and StrongBala Clinic at 25 Third Street; Wellbeing in 3/10 Third Street and Gudbinji Chronic Disease Clinic at 6 Kintore Street plus get you to and from health appointments such as specialist appointments

Chronic Conditions Care

Chronic conditions care is provided at the Gudbinji Chronic Disease Clinic at 6 Kintore Street.

The Gudbinji Chronic Disease Services, known simply as ‘Gudbinji’, caters for Wurli clients referred from other parts of the service when they have been diagnosed with a chronic disease such as diabetes, heart disease, respiratory disease, renal disease and cancer.  Gudbinji also looks after aged and disability care clients.

Gudbinji is AGPAL accredited.

Men’s Health Care

Strongbala Men’s Health is operating full time out of the Tom Cameron Wing at the Main Clinic, 25 Third Street.

The Men’s Health Program clients are Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men and boys within Katherine, as well as men and boys from the surrounding region who visit Katherine.  Age groups are open and we have close connections with Strongbala clients, Venndale Rehabilitation clients and students attending Katherine High School who are in the CLONTARF program.

Binjari Health Service

Binjari Health Service provides a range of health services to the Indigenous people of Binjari, a community with a population of around 300, located 18 kilometres to the south-west of Katherine.

The health centre  have previously operated as part of the Binjari Community Government Council, but with the winding up of the Council in early 2006, overall management has been provided by Wurli under an auspicing arrangement.  Binjari now has 2 board representatives on the Wurli board to act as voice on behalf of the Binjari community members.

The centre is staffed by RNs, RAHPS and Doctors who have a strong background in providing clinical care.  Specific programs are conducted regularly.  These target men’s health, women’s health, child and maternal health, sexual health, and chronic disease management.  Health promotion and education is significant in all these, focusing on substance misuse and excessive alcohol consumption, nutrition, smoking and physical activity


Wurli’s services are free if you are registered with Medicare but there may be costs for some other services if you are referred to them. If this is the case, this will be discussed with you at the time of referral.

In an Emergency

Clients at our facilities who require urgent medical attention are given priority. We encourage you to provide us with contact information for a family member or friend we can speak to in case of an emergency.

Your Test Results

Your health care provider will advise if you need tests, when you can expect test results, and information about follow up care.


Our health service is committed to preventative care. Wurli sends out regular reminders for health care follow up and services to improve your quality of life and help you to better manage your health conditions

After hours medical help

For after-hours care you can go to:

Katherine Hospital
Address: LOT 1939 Gorge Rd, Katherine NT 0850
Phone: (08) 8973 9211

Kintore Clinic (private doctors)
Address: 36 First St, Katherine NT 0850
Phone :(08) 8972 1677

Emergency contact details
In an emergency, ring 000 and ask for an ambulance

Clients in Crisis

If you need support, please contact us immediately on (08) 89 729 180 or call

Katherine Mental Health
Phone: (08) 8973 8724

Phone: 13 11 14

Beyond Blue
Phone: 1300 22 4636

Clients contacting us in a crisis during business hours will be supported and referred to the Katherine District Hospital or Katherine Mental Health Team for crisis assessment.